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BKC German Infantry

Page history last edited by Kiwi Dave 3 years, 8 months ago

N-Gauge/12mm scale. Armour here, Artillery here.



All Minifigs models. The officers are from the German Personalities set. The steps on the radio truck are scratch-build (from a bit of model railway fencing!) The trees are Woodlands Scenics.

I have chopped the antenna down to just above the office roof, as it kept getting bent, and I changed my storage as well, which meant there was no room for it.








and for that 'historical' feel:



Armoured Panzer Grenadier Battalion


Pithead SdKfz 251/6, with a Minifigs Kubelwagon, and Pendraken officers. I think the chap in the half-track is doing a spot of bird-watching, as he is currently looking into the tree with his binoculars.....





All Pendraken infantry. This is not the final version of this battalion, as it will end up with two SdKfz 251/2, 2 SdKfz 251/9 and the PaK 40 won't be there (I put it in the picture by mistake!) I may go super-extravagant and replace the 6 trucks with SdKfz 251, but from what I have read, units never got their full quota, so staying with the trucks willl reflect a more 'historical' set-up. And they are nice models. :D





Dug-in counters. They are a combination of the Time Cast fox holes and Pendraken infantry (apart from the Panzerschreck team (WGS) and the observer with binoculars (Minifigs) ). These replace the normal infantry stands until they are no longer dug-in. I will eventually do some sandbagging for the support weapons to indcate their dug-in status as well.




Suppression marker


SdKfz 251/9. World Tank Museum, with a wash, then some highlighting. I also repainted the tracks with Vallejo Oily Steel and washed with GW Sepia and Devlin Mud. If I have any spare gun crew I'll pop one or two in here to make it more dynamic.





These are all Wargames South models. I have left the canvas tilts for the trucks unattached so I can indicate whether they are loaded or not!






Motorised Panzer Grenadier Battalion


Minifigs Kubelwagon, with a couple of Minifigs infantry, and the remainder are Pendraken. I have added the uprights for the windscreen using a sliver of plasti-card.










81mm Mortar (Pendraken)


75mm Infantry Gun (Pendraken)


150mm sIG (Heavy Infantry Gun - Pendraken)


75mm PaK 40 (Takara/World Tank Museum (repainted) with Pendraken artillery crew.)

SdKfz 10/4, by Pithead.




20mm Flak Vierling, by Pendraken (I think). The officer is Pithead (or WGS....)



These are all Wargames South models. I have left the canvas tilts unattached so I can indicate whether the truck is loaded or not!

11 x Opel trucks (see above) are for the infantry and MGs with 3 x Maultiers are for the PaK 40, 81mm and 120mm mortars. As the Germans were on the defensive a lot in 1944-45, the trucks and Maultier may be a bit superfluous, but are there for completeness.




Pendraken figures. WIll be used as Armoured (in SdKfz 251/7 D), Motorised (in Opel trucks) or just on foot (in leather boots :D)





SdKfz 251/7D. These are conversions from Wargames South 251/1Ds (see above). I have added the equipment storage, the assault bridges and the infantry. The infantry are Pendraken tank riders, cut to fit, and the machine gunner is from the Pendraken HMG team.





Goliaths (remote controlled demo charges)

Pendraken. Not sure when I'll ever use these, by they look cute :)


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Comments (1)

Mike Ruffle said

at 12:11 pm on Mar 4, 2009

A superb collection. Imaginatively based and extremely well painted. Regarding the Armoured Panzer Grenadiers, I also have read that except for the SS Divisions most others had only one Company mounted in half-tracks.

Also interesting to note that you leave the detail and weathering on your models until quite late in the painting process.

Overall I'm very impressed.

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