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BKC Russian Infantry

Page history last edited by Kiwi Dave 12 years, 8 months ago

N-Gauge/12mm scale. Armour here, Artillery here.


I've recently changed the colour of static grass that I use, as I felt the green was too bright.  I am now using Gale Force 9's Dead Grass as it better reflects the summer steppes. I will probably re-base the older bases, but not until I have finished all the new stuff. One day I will do some winter bases, but that is a long way off!



Mostly Pendraken figures, with radio operator and chap next to him being Magister Militum ones.

I really need to get better at taking photos and editing them, as the grass on this base is the same colour as the other ones on this page...



The prone riflemen and the helmeted radio operators are Magister Militum/Perrrin (I think); the chap in the politka cap is Minifigs, and the rest are Pendraken.


Infantry Battalion

Troops - virtually all Pendraken, with a few Minifigs ones scattered about. Basic formation is HQ, 9 infantry, 3 MG, 1 mortar, 1 engineer, 1 ATR, and 1 SMG. This varied quite a bit, as the Russians had quite a few variations of this. Bare minimum (for me at least) would be  HQ, 9 infantry and 2 MG.






Support  Weapons


Maxim machine gun platoon


81mm mortar platoon


Anti-tank rifle platoon


Regimental Gun Platoon (76mm). This is actually the 1902 version, which only saw service at the beginning of the war. I will replace it with a more modern variant as soon as Pendraken release one!


Anti-tank Gun Platoon (45mm)



These aren't in BKCII, but I'll use the sniper rules from Cold War Commander, with a limit of one per battalion of infantry.




This one is a bit odd, in that the left arm (IMHO) is too far forward; he is holding the rifle really awkwardly. You can't really see it in these pictures, but if you look closely at the first one, his left hand is line with the edge of the tree behind him.  I think it aught to be closer to the magazine.



Each battalion has an organic Engineer platoon, and there is an Engineer company (3 platoons) at Brigade/Division level. Also, the Russians had Assault Engineer brigades, consisting of 4 battalions of assault engineers (plus flame-tanks, mine-rollers and a flame thrower battalion when needed), which were used for attacking well-defended sections of enemy defences, and were treated as elites. They were rotated out of the line as soon as they had completed their task for reinforcements and recovery, and were well trained in hand to hand combat. One Russian article I have read has a photo of one engineer holding a Panzerfaust, and is credited with beating to death 10 Germans with it!! Hard men indeed...


An another interesting fact to come out of this article was the the bulk of the captured Panzerfausts went to the engineers as they used them for bunker busting, and even created a 10-rocket launcher for this purpose!


They were well protected with steel plate body armour, with proved very useful in the close assaults they carried out, especially in an urban environment. It gave them an aura of invulnerability!





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