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Welcome to Kiwidave's Wargaming Wiki!


Me at Colours 2007 I decided that it was about time I set up a site to showcase my hobby: playing with toy soldiers (and occasionally winning...) The site is a work-in-progress, so bear with me - eventually I'll have loads of pics of my various models, and will endeavour to get some battle reports here as well.


A little about me: I'm an ex-pat New Zealander (home of the All Blacks, a bazillion sheep and Hobbits) currently living in self-imposed exile in the UK. I'm the wrong side of 40, married, with a 6 year old daughter. I'm a computer programmer, Cheltenham Town supporter (come on you Robins!), and Star Trek fan (and enjoy almost anything sci-fi or fantasy). My favourite author is Raymond E. Feist, and his Rift War novels. Tolkien is pretty good too :D


On the gaming side, I've been dabbling with wargames as long as I can remember, starting with plastic soldiers and cannons that shot matches, through to my current activities (Bloodbowl, Warhammer Ancient Battles and Blitzkrieg Commander). Years ago I even wrote my own set of WWII rules called Attack! for 1/72 scale models, and have even used Lego bricks to re-fight a battle between Rome and Carthage...









Current Projects:

  1. Assemble and paint a Warhammer Ancient Battles Rus army(update: 29/09/2013 - Druzhina finished, more Voi nearly finished, unit of Town Militia next. Have also bought a load of figures for an early medieval list) 
  2. Assemble and paint Blitzkrieg Commander Late War Eastern Front Germans - (update: 17/04/2012 - most of this is done - just need to finish the side skirts for the PzKw IVs, and touch up/repaint the WTM big tanks. Also have a few plastic kits to assemble.)
  3. Assemble and paint Blitzkrieg Commander Late War Eastern Front Germans - Winter! (update: 24/10/2012 - White bits and weapons done - need to do webbing, pouches etc, then base them)
  4. Assemble and paint Blitzkrieg Commander Late War Eastern Front Russians - (update: 17/049/2012 - need to sort some odds and ends - tank commanders, some ATR upgrade markers, dug-in counters)
  5. Assemble and paint Blitzkrieg Commander Late War Eastern Front Russians - Winter! Have bought enough stuff to create a battalion's worth of troops plus regimental support. I'll need to sort out some armour at some point as well. (Update 24/10/2012: Have painted 6 tanks!)
  6. Finish painting 10mm scenery (update: 24/10/2012 - have painted up 2 Russian houses for winter)
  7. Sort out some figures to assemble and paint for SAGA - a Viking or Jomsviking war-band most likely. The good thing about the Jomsvikings as that they don't use levy troops, so less figures to paint! (Update 23/04/2013 - there is now two Rus warband choices - huzzah!)
  8. New Project: Space Marines for Future War Commander! I have now got a load of SM infantry, Land Raiders, Whirlwinds, a Thunderhawk gunship and a Reaver titan. (Update 23/04/2013 - Have done the prep work, and the colour scheme is yellow base with contrasting colours - probably red and black at this stage)



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