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Page history last edited by Kiwi Dave 11 years, 1 month ago

Warhammer Fantasy Battle


I've been playing this for about 10 years (possibly more!). I started when 3rd Edition (I think) was current, and Bretonnians could get Foot Knights and Organ Guns! I started with Bretonnians, partly because I liked the background and painting heraldry, and partly because my gaming mates all had other races, so it made sense to take the army no-one else had! I have since sold my valiant knights, and moved on to the Green Horde: Orcs! (I have also dabbled with the The Empire...).


I think the main reason for the switch was that for me, there was less subtlety required (not that Bretonnians are particularly subtle - "There's the enemy: Charge!"),  and I'm not a great general. I tend to rely on good luck and a unhealthy reliance on good dice...Also, Orcs and Goblins are fun, sometimes. I never expect to win with them, but as long as it's entertaining, it doesn't matter.


My army is still partly a work-in-progress, as I need to finish painting some models, and I am always fiddling with the selection, trying out new things etc. I originally had a 10-strong unit of Boar Boys, but this shrank to 5, and then I eventually dropped them! Although they are a potentially strong unit, they always seemed to fail animosity for half the game, especially at crucial moments, like when they could have charged into the flank of an unit of infantry...I'm almost tempted to limit my characters as well, as they seem to be incapable of punching their way out of a wet paper bag, regardless of what equipment they have.


Update: As of the end of September 2009 I no longer have an Orc army. Having become disillusioned with WFB, I painted up want I had, sold it all  and moved on to WAB, and used the sale of the Orc horde to finance the Rus horde!



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