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Page history last edited by Kiwi Dave 9 years, 5 months ago

Here is where I'll put pictures of stuff I'm working on (hence the name!)


Arrowhead Miniatures FlaK 36 88mm and SdKfz 7

Arrowhead used to be called Wargames South, but despite the name change they still produce cracking models!


This is their excellent 88mm AA/ATG, which can be made deployed or set-up ready for towing. I've gone with the deployed option, as I need it for gaming. I've kept the bogey sections though, as they look cool :)


The parts: just a few...


Halfway there:


The equally good SdKfz 7. This has the options of tilt up or down and locker doors open or closed (they come as separate pieces). In the picture below, three of the locker doors are missing (along with a steering wheel), but Jeff from Arrowhead very quickly sent out the missing parts.


The parts:


Mostly assembled: I'll probably paint it and the tilt separately, and put them together later, so I can do a decent job of the interior.


The beige bits are 88mm shell cases from a World Tank Museum kit. The small part near the bogeys is a seat.



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